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What Is Algebra I


This course contains both content that reviews or extends concepts and skills learned in previous grades and new, more abstract concepts in algebra. Students will gain proficiency in solving linear equations, inequalities, and systems of linear equations. New concepts include solving quadratic equations and inequalities, investigating polynomials, and graphing polynomial functions. Students will also investigate exponential functions.

Students will be actively engaged using concrete and virtual materials and appropriate technologies such as graphing calculators and online resources. However, facility in the use of technology shall not be regarded as a substitute for a student's understanding of quantitative concepts and relationships or for proficiency in basic computations. Students will also identify and apply real-life applications of the mathematical principles they are learning to science and other disciplines they are studying.

Mathematics has its own language, and the acquisition of specialized vocabulary and language patterns is crucial to a student's understanding and appreciation of the subject. Students are encouraged to use correctly the concepts, skills, symbols, and vocabulary identified in the course.

Problem solving is integrated throughout the different components of the curriculum. The development of problem-solving skills is a goal of the course. Instruction in the process of problem solving will help students develop a wide range of skills and strategies for solving a variety of problem types.

What Do I Need For Algebra I


You will need several tools to use in this course, but the most important tool is yourself. The good student uses the mind that God has given to do the very best that can be done.

For many the textbook is mainly a source for homework problems. But the textbook contains descriptions, definitions and examples which can be very helpful in completing homework and preparing for quizzes and exams.

The calculator is a tool, NOT A CRUTCH. It is not a replacement for knowledge of basic math facts, in particular the multiplication facts. A calculator is to be used as needed. For many the most readily available calculator is found on your mobile phone or tablet. Use of these calculators is good use of an expensive device. Remember to use your device according to the guidelines found in the syllabus.

During the course, it will be necessary to use the graphing application named DESMOS. The application is available via a website for computers, and has versions for iOS and Android devices. The application can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. Hopefully all will have classroom access to a laptop, notebook, tablet, or phone to use DESMOS in the classroom and as an aid in completing homework.

Please note that your phone, tablet, or computer is much more than a gaming device or a means to be informed about friends and family (social media).

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